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Feature Films

Jordan Fuentez

All About Filmmaking

From a young age, I have been drawn to the world of film and motion pictures. I am always working on Feature Film projects to grow and develop my skill in filmmaking, and I will become The Greatest Filmmaker Ever!


About Film Star Entertainment

Film Star Entertainment is my Film company that I am continuously growing. Here is my mission Statement.

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Here at Film Star Entertainment our mission is to bring audiences worldwide the most cinematic and best experience in a movie. With strong, positive messages, as well as the world's greatest picture quality and audio. We always make our Feature Films better than the last ones, with the greatest equipment as well as the greatest films known to mankind. The revenue stream worldwide will be revolutionary. Our greatest opportunity in growth will be the most amount of movies we release yearly. Our business will skyrocket, we will dominate the competition and become the world's most successful film company ever. Our aggressiveness will keep us in first place. I will make this goal possible as soon as humanly possible.

                                                                                                     - Jordan Fuentez

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Feature Films soon to come

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